Saturday, May 22, 2010

Apple IIe TTL RGB to Commodore 1084s monitor

I have finally finished constructing my cable. Parts have just been sitting there waiting to be put together for a long time but I was too lazy to put them together.

So here is both sides of the cable:

This is how the whole setup looks like (Still no disk drives for now)

When I got this IIe, the Delete key was missing, So I looked for a temporary key to put in its place:

Here's the Startup screen:

Here's some 80 column text

And finally some low res graphics:

Update. After I tried to run some game, I realized that some of the colours look "not-quite-right". Output of the same program on Sweet 16 shows this:
I found from this post that the card actually outputs xrgb. I would have to think of how to resolve this issue... more updates later.