Saturday, May 22, 2010

Apple IIe TTL RGB to Commodore 1084s monitor

I have finally finished constructing my cable. Parts have just been sitting there waiting to be put together for a long time but I was too lazy to put them together.

So here is both sides of the cable:

This is how the whole setup looks like (Still no disk drives for now)

When I got this IIe, the Delete key was missing, So I looked for a temporary key to put in its place:

Here's the Startup screen:

Here's some 80 column text

And finally some low res graphics:

Update. After I tried to run some game, I realized that some of the colours look "not-quite-right". Output of the same program on Sweet 16 shows this:
I found from this post that the card actually outputs xrgb. I would have to think of how to resolve this issue... more updates later.


the Reverend said...

Do you want a VTech "Laser" Disk Drive? I literally got one handed to me in the original box yesterday.

The Disk Drive was given to me along with a Laser 128 (Apple IIe Clone) in the original box. The Laser 128 was my first computer, and to have one again, over 20 years later that works, just blows my mind.

Tinker said...

Ground pin 1 on the monitor side to get apple colours, refer to the 1084S-P service manual for confirmation at